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Early Learning

Shared Services Alliance

Building Excellence and Expanding Opportunity

South Coast Business Launches The Early Learning Shared Services Alliance

The Early Learning Shared Services Alliance is a framework that allows multiple center- and home-based child care programs to pool needs and share resources – including supplies, information, skills and funds – in order to improve the capacity to provide high quality care.

This initiative serves as a pilot program, funded by Oregon Community Foundation South Coast Leadership Council through CARE Connections of Southwestern Oregon Community College, and brings together a network of 7 center- and home-based child care programs (Alliance members) who have an interest in building both business and pedagogical leadership components of their program to achieve financial sustainability, operational efficiency and strong childhood outcomes.

Why is a Shared Services Model Important?

Child care program directors are usually responsible for maintaining enrollment, collecting fees, managing grants and contracts, preparing budgets, managing cash flow, maintaining facilities, processing payroll, establishing policies, hiring, training, and supervising staff, and more. While program directors are passionate about early childhood/childhood development and have backgrounds in child development and/or education, few have training in accounting and/or business management.

What are the Benefits of a Shared Services Model?

A shared services model like the Alliance results in cost savings and the following benefits for child care providers:

  • Increased quality of child care – reduced administrative duties enable providers to spend more time with children, support staff, and access quality improvement coaching, that will increase early learning experiences for children.
  • Increased stability of child care – third-party fee collection results in higher rates of collection; shared services result in cost savings on supplies, food, and insurance; and a targeted focus to increase financial stability that supports programs stay in business, support increased wages and benefits for staff, increasing recruitment and retention.
  • Expanded capacity of child care – child care providers will have a backbone organization and administrative support make it easier to start-up and sustain small programs.

What 7 Child Care Programs are Participating in The Early Learning Shared Services Alliance?

Bandon Community Child Care Center (Bandon) is a licensed child care center that is housed across from Ocean Crest Elementary School. South Coast Business is the managing fiscal and operations entity offering full day child care for working families. We believe each child deserves a safe, healthy, and loving environment that promotes positive self-esteem through intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development. And, we believe that children learn best through nurturing interactions and through active play. Click here to view their website.

The Village Daycare & Preschool (North Bend) Click here to view their website.

Jennifer Thompson Child Care Facility (Coos Bay) believes every child can learn and has the ability to succeed. Children are capable, curious, and imaginative. I believe children learn the most through active play and imaginary play that also helps children in social peer relationships. I use creative curriculum tailored to each child to ensure the inclusion for all children. That includes daily circle time, projects, multicultural books and toys and ample outdoor play. The long term goals include assisting children to feel self-reliant, competent and capable. Click here to view their website.

Here We Grow Preschool LLC (North Bend) is a Reggio Emilia inspired preschool fostering relationships among children, teachers, parents, and the community. The Reggio Emilia approach builds on the premise that each child has the desire to connect with others, to engage in learning, and to enter a relationship with his or her environment. An integral part of the approach is hands-on and minds-on exploration of materials and media. Click here to view their website.

The Little’s Child Care Center (Gold Beach) believes that offering a long term, dependable child care service brings security and stability to working families in our community. We recognize that children develop differently and at their own pace from each other. Our program is flexible, which allows us to focus on the individuality of each child. We believe in a good social foundation, allowing children to learn to express their feelings and like themselves for who they are, which will help them become more confidant and successful in life. We recognize that providing a mixed aged environment provides many different benefits to the children in our care. Children can play various roles such as the oldest or youngest. Younger children are exposed to more complex play and advanced language by observing and imitating older children. Older children have an opportunity to lead and nurture younger children, which in turn builds leadership skills, self-esteem and social development. At The Littles Childcare, we promote becoming caring, active members in our community through participating in local opportunities for learning. We believe the relationship between parent and caregiver is very special; we encourage you to visit our childcare. We offer an open-door policy to the families in our care. I believe a quality provider never stops learning, never accepts that there is no room for improvement. Click here to view their website.

Patty’s House Child Care (Coquille) believes that every child has immeasurable value and importance. That they each have their own personality, abilities, interests, learning styles and intelligences as well as unique family cultural heritage, customs and beliefs. I strive to create a welcoming and engaging environment where each child and family will feel safe, accepted and valued regardless of their race, faith, cultural background, family situation, individual abilities or disabilities. I will endeavor to respond to each child and family’s needs with consistently kind words and responses. I will be firm but fair when needed. Click here to view their website.

Rose Daily Child Care Facility (North Bend) believes that families are an important part of their child’s development and learning. Our goal is to share information through daily two-way communication so that you know how your child is doing and what they are working on throughout the day. We are always respectful of each family’s culture and welcome you to share how you celebrate your beliefs with me. We do celebrate holidays including Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, and more. We have an open-door policy so you are more than welcome to come in and join us at any time. Click here to view their website.

What are Some Tasks and Projects the Alliance Members Will Complete?

Together, the Alliance members will embark on a process to identify and investigate additional collaborative cost saving opportunities and develop a business model that will allow future sustainability. The objectives and tasks include:

  • Developing a comprehensive and progressive professional development model for teachers, teachers’ assistants, and administrative staff
  • Identifying and prioritizing a minimum of six professional development training topics
  • Discussing the structure, governance, and membership model for the Alliance
  • Investigating additional collaborative cost saving opportunities
  • Gathering, tracking, and analyzing the cost of services delivered and resulting savings for Alliance members
  • Forming a professional learning community among Alliance member center directors